Paving costs explained.

3 size cobble paving
LaCotta 3 size cobble

Paving costs explained.

There are many things to take into consideration for paving costs to be explained.

Most people just get a couple of quotes and then select the cheapest quote. In some cases it could just be a company‚Äôs policy and marketing that determines costs. Often it is the quality of the materials used in the installation that also effects the cost.  

Factors that influence.

  1. Bricks make up 50% or more of the paving costs and this is dependant on the selection. There are bevel bonds, flagstones, clay and broken brick cobble, all of which are priced differently.
  2. Cement has various grades and the selection of cement grade can also effect the durability and life of the installation.
  3. River sand and plaster sand is used for bedding the paving and the grouting. River sand is also used in the edgebeam or also know as the perimeter brick.
  4. Compaction equipment is critical in the installation as the area to be paved. The surface area needs to be leveled and compacted to the correct density to ensure that the installation is level. Correct compaction ensures that there will not be areas that sink and create waves in the paving.
  5. Cutting disks and a good grinding machine is needed to cut or trim the bricks where needed.
  6. Labour is critical and can often be overlooked. Labour that is experienced and is permanent staff to the contractor can more often than not install paving that will last a lifetime.
  7. Then finally there are the delivery costs which vary depending on the distance the manufacturer or supplier is from the delivery point.
  8. Rubble removal is also often overlooked and then the owner all of sudden has to find a few thousand Rand to get the rubble removed from their property.
  9. Sample of rubble on a pavement

Unfortunately there are short cuts to everything mentioned above, cheap non guaranteed bricks, inexperienced installers, cheap materials and broken machinery.

Always get a paving company to install your paving to ensure that your money is well spent and your paving will stand the test of time.

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