Is your paving falling apart?

Is your paving falling apart? Is your paving sliding all over the place and big gaps are starting to form between the bricks?

paving repairs done to a driveway
repairs to a driveway after a burst pipe.

If this is what your paving is starting to look like then don’t hesitate to get it repaired soon or you will need to replace all the paving. Nothing gets better with time, only worse so don’t leave it for too long. If you feel the paving just after the collapsed area you will find that all the bricks are all loose and easy to lift as the border has collapsed.

Entire driveway uplifted for repairs.
paving repairs done to a bad installation.

Often builders that try install paving make a few basic mistakes such as placing plastic sheeting under the paving or instead of an edgebeam they install the paving with a collar. There are a few other areas that they fall down on but you will invariably call in a paving company to repair the paving after a couple of years due to incorrect installation procedures.

Repairs to a damaged driveway.
prevent your paving falling apart, call us today.

Get your paving repaired while it is still in the beginning stages and not when the entire paving area has collapsed. We and other paving companies offer free quotes, so why wait, call now.

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