Driveway Paving

Your driveway is one of the 1st things that your friends or potential buyers see when coming to your house. Your paving needs to look neat and functional to create a welcome feeling. But it must also last for many many years and you need to know that it is being installed correctly.

Double charcoal border
Infraset cobble paving with double border.

The border brick which is also known as the edgebeam needs to be laid in wet concrete and almost act like a foundation of a wall. This is critical as your edgebeam holds your paving in place.

Driveway done in Tuscan paving
Tuscan clay paving bricks from Corobrick

Then there is the consideration concerning the flow of water off your paving more so during the rainy season. Compaction is a critical factor and if not done correctly will cause dips in your paving as it settles. Never use plastic under your paving as it creates instability and the water that seeps through your paving needs to drain into the soil under the paving.

Corobrick driveway
Steep driveway done with clay paving.

Then there are so many styles and types of bricks not to mention colours and combination of colours that are available. Spend some time looking and searching the internet for examples and visit brick yards or a couple of manufacturers to ensure that you get the best possible paving for your budget. Click here to see examples of our previous work Our Gallery.


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