You tube video on paving.

This you tube Video on paving shows a sample of the paving that has been laid by Aztec paving. It is a short video but packed with samples and ideas.

Whether it is your driveway or pool area that needs paving, watch this short you tube video. This video might prompt an idea or 2 for your paving project. Whether you want a pathway or parking area or try your hand at a little landscaping then this video is for you.

The above you tube video on paving is just a small sample of the installations that we have done. The main idea here is to show you some of the paving bricks currently available and to allow you to get an idea of what might suite your house.

Please look through some of our articles for more advice and paving selections but feel free to phone for free advice concerning your paving investment. We offer free advice to anyone anywhere in South Africa without any commitment. If you suspect that your installer is installing incorrectly, just phone for advice, after all, it is your money.

Paving is an investment.

Treat your paving installation as an investment and not as something that just has to be done. After all, it is the first thing a potential buyer or your family and friends see when arriving at your house. So don’t be in a hurry to install your paving, take a little time and investigate what would best suite your home.

Even when money is tight, you can still pave with a cheaper brick. The variety of bricks available range from normal cement brick in various colours to cobble and flagstones. Cobble and flagstones also come in various colours, shapes and sizes. Selection and final presentation is always dependent your available budget.

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