Plastic under the paving

Plastic under the paving

I was called by one of our building contractors to analyze why a client of his had a problem with their paving. The client is a major law firm in Bedfordview and their paving was only 5 years old. For example, the paving was shifting badly and opening gaps all over. Some of the gaps were as wide as 4cm and allowing rain to accumulate under the paving.

I personally, from the appearance of the paving could not believe that the paving was only 5 years old. I just knew what the problem was, plastic under the paving. After opening a section of the paving we showed and confirmed to the client what the problem was.

Plastic under the paving being removed
re lifting the driveway to remove the plastic sheeting

Paving lays in water.

Paving needs to be laid on river sand to allow rain to dissipate into the soil. Plastic accumulates the rain or any water on top of the plastic and rotting the paving from underneath. Therefore, it is the worst thing to do.

Genuine paving companies don’t use plastic.

I told the owner of the building that I assumed that the builder had done the paving. The client was amazed that I knew who paved the driveway but it was obvious. Logic tells us that plastic stops grass from growing on the paving, but grass grows top down. Nothing can grow from under the paving the seeds germinate on top of the paving in the bevels.

Paving destroyed by laying in water on plastic sheet
Water laying on the plastic sheet

Let a certified paving company do your paving.

Most builders do not know the science of paving. Plus, nearly all contractors will undertake the job for the extra cash. Most clients are just too lazy and too complacent to call in someone else to do the paving. The main problem is the slow rotting of the pavers as they lay in water. Therefore, rather phone for another paving company to install and have peace of mind.

never use plastic sheets under your paving.
Plastic sheeting under your paving offers no stability to your paving.

When you are about to do paving, never let a company lay plastic under your paving. However, the fact that they want to lay plastic is a clear indication that they are not professional pavers.

Relaying old bricks

Paving is a science and it should not be treated lightly or it will cost you a lot of money in the long run. Contact us for more advice or read some more of our articles to ensure you get value for money. Get a free quote on your paving by contacting us today.

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