Swimming pool paving

Paving around a swimming pool can be a major investment or a major failure and it all depends on the brick selection.

swimming pool

Dark colour bricks get too hot to walk on during the hot summer days and it is always best to get a very light coloured paving brick around your pool. There are many different brick types available and every type comes in a variety of colours, so you are not limited regarding choice but rather by colour.

Pool paving with Corobrick
Paving with Corobrick Nutmeg and Cederberg

Even after discussing this subject with customers we have installed Red, Charcoal and other dark colour flagstones and paving bricks only to hear from others in our industry that they went to replace the paving after a year or two.


Cederberg is an all time favorite around most swimming pools.

All paving should become an asset to the property and by following expert advice, your paving can and will increase the value of your property. Spend a little time examining the options available and test the company that is quoting to do your paving to ensure that it will be installed correctly.

A good salesman that is knowledgeable in his/her industry will offer sound advise but the final decision is always with the customer.

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