General Paving

Paving is a small word with a very big meaning. It can be a costly affair or a simple affordable functional feature at your home.

clay edgebeam
Edgebeam redone. One of the critical areas in paving

Driveway paving, pool paving, patio paving, paths, entertainment areas and list list continues. The idea of paving around the house can be a daunting project if handled without some expert advice and very seldom is the builder of your house also an expert in paving selection.

wheel chair ramp in Corobrick.
Wheel chair ramp from the house to the pool built with Corobrick paving. Wheelchair ramp was built during the paving installation.
Steps and wheel chair ramp.
Steps and wheel chair ramp in Corobrick paving bricks.

This site has been designed to give you some ideas and direction to assist you with your paving ideas and selection, read some of our articles and be one up on how your money is going to be spent when it comes to your paving.

3 size cobble paving gives the pool a new look.

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