Lapas and entertaining areas

            Lapa and lapa repairs

There has been a spate of lapa repairs recently and mostly due to poor installation. Even though most lapa companies buy the grass and the poles from the same suppliers, it is the shoddy workmanship that comes out after a year or so.

Corobrick Cederberg paving for the lapa
Clay paving laid under the lapa

We often get calls to repair Lapas after a heavy downpour more so when there is a heavy hailstorm. I must add though that in 90% of cases the repairs come only after 5 years when the grass normally needs combing and replacing which is normal maintenance.

restoring an old lapa
restoring a lapa

Once repaired and the paving has been either cleaned or replaced then the lapa/ entertaining area is again ready for summer or a warm winter day. the nice thing about a Lapa is that it is one of the most cost affordable fun areas to build.

flagstone paving under the lapa
Lapa entertainment with flagstone paving


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