Paving on a tight budget

Options for paving on a tight budget.

If you want paving on a tight budget plus you also want a good aesthetic look for your home. Take heart, there are various paving options available that could save you money and still have the desired aesthetic look.
There is always a paving brick on sale at various times of the year. Ask the company you dealing with to let you know of any current specials.

Cederberg pavers create a wheelchair ramp to the garden
Wheelchair ramp made with Cederberg bricks.

Ensure correct installation is done.

It is critical that you should look out for a paving contractor that knows how to properly install paving. We are called on a regular basis to uplift and relay paving done by people not in the paving industry. Paving is a science and if installed correctly can last for many years. Paving is not the same as tiling so be wary of any tiler claiming to be able to do your paving.

repairs being made to driveway
Broken brick cobble driveway being repaired.

Not everyone can install paving correctly.

Anyone can lay paving but invariably the paving collapses after a very short time, it looked perfect after it was installed but due to incorrect installation procedures it does not last and costs the home owner more money to re-install the paving. We have recently uplifted and re-laid paving in Eye of Africa, Aspen Hills and Meyersdal Eco Estate, in each of these cases the builder laid the paving after convincing the owner that they always do the paving themselves.

Relaying old bricks
Old bricks being relaid after levels were corrected.
Save in the long term, get a paving company to do your paving.

A tip that all home owners and business property owners should keep in mind is, “Let builders build your home or building, let electricians do the electricity, get plumbers to install the plumbing, Pool installers build your pool and paving contractors to install your paving.” Short cuts more often than not cost double when the job has to be re-done.

Pool paving with Corobrick
Paving with Corobrick Nutmeg and Cederberg

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