Grass growing on your paving

How do I stop grass growing on my paving?

The thing to understand about grass or weeds that grow on any paving is that most times (almost always) it starts to grow on top of the paving and not from underneath. Where 2 bricks meet each other is where sediment collects, micro seeds fall into the sediment and lay waiting for any form of moisture to germinate. The moisture can be in any form including dew, frost, garden spray or rain.

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Nothing can basically grow from under the paving as it is (or should be) pitch dark and plants need sunlight to grow. The only time plants grow from under the paving is normally from bad workmanship and bad installation. Using a company that belongs to the Master Builders Association (MBA) does not guarantee your paving to be flawless but it does guarantee you repairs if your paving needs any. Often the price difference between a MBA member and a non MBA member is so minimal that it is silly not to opt for the MBA installation.

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The cure to stop or rather prevent grass and weeds from getting a hold on your paving is to rinse your paving off with water from a hose pipe and swept at the same time to ensure that all sediment and seeds are not left on your paving. Aztec Paving suggests once a month for a paving clean and sweep. If any plant starts to grow between your clean and sweep periods you should pull it out before it gets a hold under your paving. The roots of any plant will find a weak spot to drop down and once it gets into the soil under the paving, it becomes difficult to remove, you will need weed killer to stop its growth.

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Occasionally when you want to really spring clean your paving, a little detergent or dish washing liquid can be used in addition to the water and broom. Your investment will be kept nice and clean for that time when you decide to put your house on the market. Everything we buy today requires a little maintenance and that includes your paving. Driveway paving is normally the first item a potential buyer sees when they pull up outside your house, make sure it entices them to come in and not scare them away.

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