Professional paving contractors in Brackenhurst.

We are regarded as one of the top paving contractors in Brackenhurst Alberton. Whether you want to pave your driveway, pool area or just a path around your house, Aztec paving in Brackenhurst will give you a free quote. We are based in Brackenhurst Alberton but currently do quality professional paving installations in all Alberton and Germiston suburbs including Brackendowns, Albertsdal, Verwoedpark, Mayberry park, Meyersdal, Randhart and New Redruth as a few examples. Professional advice regarding paving and which brick is most suited for your application will be discussed with you plus we will show you various paving options and possibilities.

Paving in Brackenhurst Alberton by Aztec paving will give you a professional installation which will fit in with your budget and not cripple your bank account. There are plenty brick types to choose from and there is a huge price difference from brick to brick. So don’t get pushed into a paving installation, rather get advice from a professional paving installations company before laying out your hard earned money.

Our team of installers are one of the most experienced paving contractors in Brackenhurst and the surrounding areas of Alberton, Germiston and Johannesburg south. All areas in Alberton have seen installations from our team of experts and you will be highly impressed with the final result.

Brown bevel bond bricks.

The pictures above are just a couple of examples of some of the professional paving installations done in Brackenhurst Alberton and surrounding areas such as Mulbarton, New Redruth, Albertsdal, Brackendowns and Meyersdal, again, just to just name a few.

Get a free quote by calling Aztec paving today. Expert paving done by professional installers in all Alberton, Alberton Suburbs and Johannesburg south areas. When you have decided to pave around your home or business, paving in Brackenhurst becomes a simple matter of a single phone call or email.