Paving costs explained.

Paving costs explained. There are many things to take into consideration for paving costs to be explained. Most people just get a couple of quotes and then select the cheapest quote. In some cases it could just be a company’s policy and marketing that determines costs. Often it is the quality of the materials used […]

Professional paving contractors Meyersdal

Our team of Professional paving contractors are based just outside of Meyersdal in Brackenhurst. Look no further than Aztec Paving as we are regarded as one of the best paving installers in Alberton. Get solid advice. We give you sound advice on the paving that you are wanting to install. The colours, sizes, textures, available […]

Paving costs

Paving costs explained. When we examine paving costs, there are many things that need to be taken into account. Materials needed for a driveway or a swimming pool or even just a pathway can vary. Most people simply get a few quotes from different companies and then select the cheapest. Very few people query why […]

Swimming pool paving

Swimming pool paving can be a major investment or a major failure and a lot depends on the brick selection.  Dark colour bricks get too hot to walk on during the hot summer days. Therefore, it is always best to get a very light coloured paving brick around your pool. There are many different brick […]

Broken Brick cobble repaired

We are currently busy with a 350m2 driveway in Bryanston that needed to be uplifted and then repaired. Many home owners don’t realize that their existing paving can be re-used and the driveway or pool area can once again look good at a fraction of the price of new paving. There is a lot of […]

Repair and save

Often home owners replace their paving when in fact they could save a fortune by getting the existing paving uplifted and relaid correctly. Have a look at the condition of your existing paving bricks and you might find them still in perfect condition and only a few are broken or damaged. We normally work on […]

Garden retainer Walling

Small retainer walls can be used for a variety of reasons. Under a Lapa or next to and around a Boma it can be used as extra seating. Using a foam cushion on top of the wall, the retainer wall is seen as seating and not just as a wall. Other reasons for a retainer […]

Fixing a bad paving situation.

There are many home owners that don’t know that it is possible to repair a driveway or pool area by using the same bricks. Normally the edge beam on existing paving is difficult to re-use but most of the rest of the bricks can be used again to assist in reducing the cost. The new […]

Lapa entertainment area

            Lapa and lapa repairs There has been a spate of lapa repairs recently and mostly due to poor installation. Even though most lapa companies buy the grass and the poles from the same suppliers, it is the shoddy workmanship that comes out after a year or so. We often […]