Is your paving falling apart?

Is your paving falling apart? Is your paving sliding all over the place and big gaps are starting to form between the bricks? Have you considered replacing your existing paving? Before you do anything your should consider calling in a proper paving company for advice. There is a good chance that you could save money […]

Water and drainage considerations

One area that homeowners are aware of but often forget to tell the paving salesman about is the drainage problems that happen every time it rains. We had a situation that was evident and this time the client was not aware of the water problem. The ground felt very spongy when I walked on it […]

Grass growing on your paving

How do I stop grass growing on my paving? The thing to understand about grass or weeds that grow on any paving is that most times (almost always) it starts to grow on top of the paving and not from underneath. Where 2 bricks meet each other is where sediment collects, micro seeds fall into […]