Looking at prices for paving

Paving prices in Gauteng When looking at prices for paving, R95.00 per m2 sounds like a good deal. When you add delivery, labour, compaction equipment and vat then the price is no longer so attractive. The average price for paving on an all inclusive basis ranges from R180.00 to R400.00 per m2. This is dependent […]

Paving maintanance

Paving maintanance If you have grass growing on your paving the chances are that you have been negligent regarding the care of your paving. Every item we buy today needs some maintenance, this includes paving. Grass not only spoils the look of the paving but it can also destroy your paving in a short space […]

Grass growing on your paving

How do I stop grass growing on my paving? The thing to understand about grass or weeds that grow on any paving is that most times (almost always) it starts to grow on top of the paving and not from underneath. Where 2 bricks meet each other is where sediment collects, micro seeds fall into […]

Driveways for sports cars.

Paving for a Posche Most sports cars are very low and often the driveway needs to be leveled with filling and compaction to accommodate the sports car. We have just had this problem with a client in Rivonia where the underside of his Porsche and his wife’s BWM was catching the cement edging of the […]

Don’t snub cheap paving

One thing about some cheap paving is, it is stronger and longer lasting when compared to a lot of the more expensive alternatives. The cheap paving that I am referring to here is what is often called “Broken brick cobble.” I often tell people that before they spend their hard earned money on paving they should do […]