Garden retainer Walling

Small retainer walls can be used for a variety of reasons. Under a Lapa or next to and around a Boma it can be used as extra seating. Using a foam cushion on top of the wall, the retainer wall is seen as seating and not just as a wall. Other reasons for a retainer […]

Fixing a bad paving situation.

There are many home owners that don’t know that it is possible to repair a driveway or pool area by using the same bricks. Normally the edge beam on existing paving is difficult to re-use but most of the rest of the bricks can be used again to assist in reducing the cost. The new […]

Lapa entertainment area

            Lapa and lapa repairs There has been a spate of lapa repairs recently and mostly due to poor installation. Even though most lapa companies buy the grass and the poles from the same suppliers, it is the shoddy workmanship that comes out after a year or so. We often […]